Front Doors in New Fox Ridge

August 31st, 2009

Midtown Paint & Hardware, 1408 N. 3rd Street, has agreed to offer the residents of New Fox Ridge a discount price if they want to repaint their front doors. All that is needed is to mention you are a resident of NFR to receive this discounted price. It was suggested by the gentleman at the store to buy the soft gloss finish. The NFRHA is recommending the following color choices for the respective blocks since they match the original colors as best as can be determined:

Capital St. North ———- 069 Golden Cherry

Capital St. South ———— 1301 Spanish Red

Fox Ridge Court ———– 1075 Fairway Oaks

Herr St. ——————— 1300 Tuscan Red

Third St. South ——— 345 Winter Sunshine

Third St. Central ———- 632 Bridal Bouquet

Third St. North ——– 793 Watercolor Blue

Verbeke St. — HC-122 Great Barrington Green

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