Parking Lot Line Repainting

May 28th, 2014

Weather permitting, on Tuesday, June 3, Siler Paving will begin the repainting of the lines and numbers in our parking lot.  All vehicles must be removed from the lower lot and from around the island by 9:00 AM.  If any vehicles remain in that area, you are taking the risk that some paint may end up on your car.  On the following day, Wednesday, June 4, again weather permitting, Siler Paving will return to do the parking spaces behind the units on Verbeke, Capital, and the 1200 block of 3rd Streets and along New Fox Ridge Court.  All vehicles must be removed by 9:00 AM.

The paint has a drying time of roughly 30 minutes, so if the sun is shining, returning to your assigned space will be possible within the hour.

These two days will provide some inconvenience, but cooperation from all will provide a smoother completion of the job.

Please note:  If rainy weather occurs on the scheduled days, the repainting will be pushed back and will be done on the next available sunny days.

Any questions should be directed to Bob Wallace, our NFR President.

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