Special Meeting – Tree Trimming – Tuesday Nov 16th at 6:30PM

November 10th, 2010

As some of you may have heard the board has been planning a tree trimming and select removal across the common area of New Fox Ridge.  As this planning process progressed some questions and concerns have arisen.

After discussing the matter the board felt it would be best to open up this conversation to the community.  If you are interested in expressing your opinion or hearing more about the proposal please plan to attend an upcoming community meeting this coming Tuesday Nov 16th at 6:30PM.

We will be meeting at the Historic Harrisburg Association building (on the corner of Third and Verbeke).

Thank you to everyone who came out to the community meeting about the Tree Trimming and Removal.  After meeting it was decided that the tree in the NE corner of the parking lot will be removed.  The hope is that a new tree, better suited to the location, can be put up in its place in the Spring.  If you have any questions please contact your block representative.

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